Covid-19 and Upstate Gymnastics

Safety if our number one priority! The safety of all athletes, coaches, and parents! So things at Upstate may be a little different than the past. We are making sure to keep up with all CDC guidelines! This means smaller classes, less parent interaction, and more sanitizing! Here are the big changes…

  • All preschool classes will be capped at 8 children. We will be allowing preschool parents in the gym. However they are expected to practice social distancing. We will also have some outdoor chairs right outside the gym on the sidewalk, so if it does happen to feel crowded you can step outside and sit.
  • All other classes will be capped at 12. We would prefer parents not come into the gym. We will have a teacher by the door before class time to make sure everyone is entering the building safely. If you or your child is not comfortable entering the gym alone, you can come in with them. Just be sure to practice social distancing!
  • Parent and Tot classes will also be capped at 12, and we are only allowing one parent/guardian per child. Since the parent/ guardian is with the child they should be responsible for keeping a safe distance from other children and adults. We know this will be difficult at times, but a conscious effort will help!
  • Waiver Forms! All children must have a signed Covid-19 waiver form. It is located on the homepage. We will not be accepting children without a signed waiver.
  • Registration. To keep contact to a minimum, mail registration form to us instead of stopping by. PO Box 768 Pendleton, SC 29670. If you have been in the program for a while you can just email Talene ( with your child’s name and class preference.
  • Payment. We will be accepting all payment forms; however, we would prefer cash, check, or venmo. If you would rather pay with card, we will just do it as safely as possible. Meaning we will take your card at the door and run it inside, then bring it back out to you. If you write a check, if you could just put your child’s name and class in the memo line. And if venmo is easy for you, @Talene-Amirkhanian is our account, and again, just put your child’s name and class in the memo.
  • Sanitizing! As you may have seen, the classes are pretty spread out. This allows us time in between each class to sanitize all the mats that have been used.
  • The number one thing is staying home if anyone in the family is sick! Even if it’s something small, let’s keep everyone safe!
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