Our Annual Show

Annual Show



Every spring, it is a tradition at Upstate to pick a Sunday in April for our annual Show. In years past, we took (almost) all of our equipment four blocks down the road to Pendleton High School’s old gym, nicknamed The Dog House. Sure, it wasn’t built for gymnastics shows, but it was almost perfect for us. In recent years, our show has moved the Rec Center in Central and the Pendleton High School Gymnasium.

Every class–including preschool–puts together a brief demonstration for the occasion. In fact, we have to split up the action into two separate shows! This is the kids’ time to shine, and they love it! In front of a packed house, they get to show off everything they’ve learned over the past year. It is a relaxed venue, and no special outfits are required. Our team performs in both shows. It is a celebration of gymnastics!

The event is made possible only through the generous help of our team parents. They volunteer to give up their weekend to move the bars, beams, vault, and floor (quite a challenge), only to move it all right back. They also donate food for and run the concession stands.

 Pictures from the 2016 Annual Show are up in our Photo Gallery!