Meet Our Coaches

At Upstate Gymnastics we pride ourselves in having an awesome staff!  Each of our experienced coaches have a passion for the sport and love working with kids.  They are also continually evaluated and trained to stay current with all of the latest developments in safety and techniques.  We want your children to have great coaches who inspire them to be their best!


Maureen Williamson – Upstate Gymnastics Center Owner and Head Coach

Maureen was a member of the Canadian National Team and represented Canada at the World Championships in Prague and at the Pan American Games in Brazil.  She has had years of experience as both a gymnast and gym owner, coaching gymnasts from beginning gymnastics all the way up to the collegiate level.  She is still coaching and loves every aspect of the sport!

Kip Goodman – Upstate Preschool Director

For 31 years, Kip has been our Preschool Director here at Upstate Gymnastics Center.  She has an amazing way of teaching kids their fundamental gymnastics skills all the while keeping it fun, focused, and entertaining.   For Kip, her little gymnasts come first and she still knows all of their names even years later.  We are so lucky to have her here with our program at Upstate!

Talene Amirkhanian

Talene is a former Level 9 competitive gymnast.  While competing, she attained many titles and was both a State Champion and Regional Qualifier.  She is USAG safety certified and currently teaches Compulsory, Optionals, and women’s gymnastics here at Upstate.  She has an amazing work ethic, a wonderful sense of humor, and loves the sport!

Amber Hansen

Amber is a former level 10 gymnast who has had many accomplishments as a State Champion, Regional Qualifier, and collegiate Clemson University Club National competitor. She is USAG safety certified; and is currently teaching Compulsory, Optionals, and women’s gymnastics here at Upstate.  Amber can spot the most advanced skills a top level gymnast can train and help that gymnast to fully attain them! She is a high energy, positive coach that never quits!

Sydney Roe

Sydney is a level 9 gymnast, Regional Qualifier, and collegiate Clemson University Club National competitor.  Since starting gymnastics at a young age, she has had years of experience and is a creative and adaptable coach.  Sydney has the best head of hair in the gym, hands down.  Look for the redhead!

Marni McGee

Marnie is a former collegiate competitor and a very experienced coach.  She brings a great, positive atmosphere to our preschool, women’s, and compulsory program.  She is also a homeschool teacher of her 5 amazing children, two of which are/were Upstate gymnasts!

Mallory Prosser

Mallory is a former level 9 gymnast, State Champion, and Regional Qualifier.  She also competes as a collegiate Clemson University Club National competitor.  Mallory has been a gymnast since childhood and is a steady, consistent, qualified coach.

Mendi Knisley

Mendi is a Level 10 gymnastics judge with 25 years of coaching experience.  She also holds the position of the State USA Association Secretary and has been a part of Upstate Gymnastics for many years.  Mendi has been a great asset here at Upstate with improving the small details that make a skill go from great to amazing!  She is also mother to one of our great compulsory gymnasts!

Maddy Swedberg

Maddy is a former Upstate Level 8 gymnast, state champion, and excellent dance coach.  From an early age, she has loved and trained both gymnastics and dance.  She has just returned from a 6 month mission work in Haiti, Belize, and Harlem.  We look forward to many more years from this passionate coach!

Emily Ahrens

Emily is a former level 9 gymnast and regional qualifier.  She is a former school teacher who loves working with and encouraging our Compulsory and Optional level gymnasts.  She is a great spotter for those difficult skills!  Her biggest accomplishment is being a loving mom to 2 preschool children.

Hayley Moon

Hayley is a Safety and USAG certified preschool instructor and has enjoyed working with children from preschool age all the way up to teens.  She loves finding new and creative ways to teach her classes so that each session is always exciting.  She is a very organized, caring coach and her daughter, Hannah, is one of our amazing, Optional gymnasts. 

Tinley Johnson

Tinley is a former Upstate Level 8 competitive gymnast.  She currently works with our preschool, women’s, and compulsory gymnasts.  Funny, strong, and compassionate, she enjoys the little kiddos that she teaches.

Joan Lothrop

Joan is a is a former Boston coach and gym owner for 36 years.  She has also coached in Maryland with Kelli Hill, the former USA Olympic coach.  We are excited about her arrival to Upstate Gymnastics!!